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Simple WorkSafe

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What is Simple WorkSafe?

A Complete Digital Health And Safety Management System

Simple WorkSafe is a digital health and safety management system.

It is easily accessible by your on-site personnel from any device making it simple for your on-site personnel to use.

Minimise the time, money and resources spent on health and safety compliance while maximising and simplifying management.



Hosted on secure international cloud servers.
No downloads or installs.
Fully responsive interface automatically adjusts to any device.



You can assign an unlimited number of users to any part of the system you want them to access. 
Managers, supervisors and workers have role-based access to your health & safety system.



Software updates are included in your subscription.
No contracts.
Affordable annual subscriptions.

Simple Worksafe Components

Policies & Procedures

Create and manage…

  • General Health & Safety Policies
  • Specific Policies for assets, locations, chemicals, etc.
  • SOPs
  • Prestart Checks


Risk Management

Manage risk…

  • Risk Assessments
  • SWMS
  • JSA
  • Take 5

Safety Audits

Simple, safety auditing.

  • Quick creation of audits using pre built templates.
  • Notifications and reminders of failed audit items.
  • Carry out an audit from a mobile phone.
  • Attach files, video and images to audit items

Incidents Management

Incident reporting 

  • All details of an incident
  • Personal involved
  • Assets involved e.g equipment, machinery.
  • Chemicals and hazardous goods involved
  • Injury Management
  • Back to work management
  • Incident documentation management

Hazard Management

Hazard managemt made quick and easy.

  • Report a Hazard from a mobile device.
  • Attach a photo of the hazard.
  • Supervisor or manager recieves an email notification immediatly
  • Easy risk assessment and controls implimentation.

Meetings & Consultation

Manage safety meetings.

  • Create scheduled meetings
  • Record meeting topics
  • Record comments and suggestions
  • Record attendance
  • Attendees aknowledge they have attended the meeting


Manage training 

  • Create course
  • Create training schedules
  • Record training attendees
  • Attendees acknowledge understanding of training
  • Issue Verification of Competency (VOCs)
  • Training courses attached to resources 

Document Management

Manage Health & Safety documents and files.

  • Medical record
  • Reports
  • Chemical usage
  • Service reports
  • Photos (even videos), 


Resource Registers

Manage the health and safety of all your resources such as:

  • Sites
  • Workers
  • Assets
  • Chemicals/Hazardous Goods
  • Jobs
  • Users

User Management

You can have an unlimited amount of users that have access to Simple WorkSafe.

You can control what each user sees and what they can add, edit or delete by the allocation of roles.

You as the owner are issued a “Manager” role which allows you to create as many user with “Supervisor” or “Worker” roles as you wish. 

Health & Safety Reminders

Reminders of any health & safety systems that need attention are visible on the Home page/Dashboard

  • Rraining refreshers due,
  • Hazards not made safe
  • Audits due,
  • Asset services due
  • VOCs due for renewal
  • ncident reports not completed
  • Workers not acknowledged risk assessments
  • SOP reviews due etc., etc.

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Customer Reviews

"My workers and I work from gantry’s and ropes hanging from 30 or more story’s from the ground. One small error could easily result in loss of life. I need to ensure that the processes that I use to make a job safe are correctly in place and that I’m able to prove that’s the case to inspectors visiting the job site.”
Barry J
High Rise Window Cleaning Contractor
“I was always aware of the need for health & safety, but after I was involved in a serious injury with a worker I realised that I would need to manage my system to a much higher degree.”
Chris F
Electrical Contractor
“I’m involved in many claims and court actions relating to health & safety. I’m constantly surprised at the lack of management in many of these claims and how easily businesses could save themselves huge costs by being able to prove their health & safety system is up to date and managed properly.”
Insurance Claims Manager
“I manage very large and expensive agricultural machines. I needed a way to ensure the operators understood the systems required to maintain and run the equipment both safely and economically. I needed to prove service and maintenance was current. Now, all my operators can scan a QR code to see the SOP for any machine.”
Ashley J
Workshop Manager

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