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With up to 100 farm workers to manage over a radius of 200 km my health & safety management would be a nightmare without Simple WorkSafe."

Martyn M. Qld Australia

"I was always aware of the need for health & safety, but after I was involved with a worker in a serious injury I realised that I would need to manage my system to a much higher degree."

Dave A. Australia

"Running a gym has many health & safety regulations, at least with Simple WorkSafe I have it all on hand."

Rodney R. New York

  • System Evaluation Wizard - Find out exactly what you need for your business
  • Health & Safety Planner - Having a plan gets RESULTS...and that's why you're here
  • General Health & Safety Policy Wizard - Generate a custom overall policy
  • Policy Manager - Policies are the foundation of a good health & safety system but policies need to be managed to keep them updated and relevant
  • Risk Assessment Wizard - build risk assessments fast using the Risk Assessment wizard  
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Wizard - Your workers can quickly generate a JSA on site
  • Take 5 Wizard - Individual workers can assess their personal on the job safety before commencing work
  • SWMS Wizard - Write all your method statements quickly with the SWMS wizard 
  • Procedures Wizard - Create Procedures EASILY with the Procedure Wizard
  • Auditing - Quickly and easily create an unlimited number of templates and with the click of a button
  • Hazard Management - Hazards can happen and they will need to be managed
  • Incident Management - Record & attach all documentation detailing incidents
  • Training Management - Manage all workers training and the ability to sign off
  • Consultation (Meeting Management) - A legal requirement and an essential part of managing health and safety risks
  • Registers - Connect all your health & safety to the relevant resources like assets, locations, chemical and jobs
  • BONUS #1: Moment by Moment Reminders - Get reminded of all Health & Safety issues that need attending to
  • BONUS #2: Unlimited Worker Access - each worker has their own login to access your safety program
  • BONUS #3: Attachment Manager - Never lose any of your documentation again

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