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Attention Health and Safety Managers!

Do You Want An Easier Way To Manage Health and Safety?

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Here's The TRUTH You Need To Know About Health And Safety Management!

In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now!

A health & safety system is critical in today's business environment, however,  it's  very time consuming, costly and hard to manage. 

It's very easy to create some safe operating procedures and hold some regular safety meetings and THINK you have a system and you've fulfilled your health & safety duty of care.

But, unless you have every legally required component in place and are able to update them and then communicate those components to every single worker, you have a system that is NOT working and you are gravely risking your personal and business future.

But that's not the end of the problem! It gets worse! Why?

Because you cannot transfer your duty of care to a consultant or any other person.

YOU, the business owner or manager, are personally responsible to provide a safe and healthy workplace!

Which means that unless you have all the legal requirement's covered, and keep detailed health & safety records with supporting documentation to prove it, YOU ARE VULNERABLE.  

Every time you send a worker to perform a task you are vulnerable to costly, stressful, time consuming court actions that could potentially ruin you should an incident occur at your workplace.

Worst of all, most health and safety managers can't get past the idea that managing health & safety is just about using “Common Sense”.

This is an old school approach that relies on luck and hopeLuck that a serious accident or incident won't happen and hope that it doesn't.

Believing that a few operating procedures hiding away in a filing cabinet and the occasional safety meeting will fulfill legal duty of care is foolhardy. This approach will leave you hopelessly unprepared for the expert lawyers who will be all over you if an accident or incident does occur. You need to know exactly what components your health & safety system needs in this heavily regulated environment and find a way to control it, before IT controls YOU.

Your workers can have all the skills to do the job safely, but as humans we cut corners, are prone to concentration lapses or making the odd fundamental mistake. 

Most humans, at some point in their lives, trip or stumble, feel faint or unwell or make errors of judgment.

It's in these few seconds that disaster can strike even the most seasoned worker. 

If this happened to you or one of your workers and resulted in the loss of a limb, an eye or even their life, would that be "lacking in common sense?"

Simple WorkSafe currently has a special limited offer!

We are offering a special LIFETIME ACCESS  (YES, Lifetime Access) to

Simple WorkSafe for just $997  ("One Time" Payment)!

This limited offer is due to end very soon. Due to high demand, we've temporarily extended the current price for a short period, so make sure you act now.

How would you manage these situations?

Metal Fragments from splintered nail:

This worker (who had a high degree of common sense) received metal fragments in his eye from a splintered nail. This ongoing health & safety issue has been a FIFTEEN YEAR nightmare as new cysts grow from the metal fragments and new grafts are repeatadly needed. 

How would YOU have prevented it and how would YOU manage the mountain of ongoing documentation?

Disgruntled Worker:

This worker was angry at his supervisor so he ran over the supervisor's vehicle with a bulldozer. Would a "Just Use Common Sense" approach have helped YOU in this situation?

Can you see the array of complex issues that are going to need managing, not the least of which is investigation and prevention? How would your system cope with this?

A trailer fell on a workers toes:

A loaded trailer, supported by a piece of wood (jockey wheel was broken and NOT fixed) fell on a workers foot. The worker was lucky not to have her toes amputated when the trailer slipped off the block of wood. The worker was wearing safety boots and was following a procedure that was not updated. Can you categorically state that a situation as equally serious would never happen at your workplace? Would your system stand up to the health & safety investigation and court case that followed?

A Scraper rollover:

A worker was diagnosed as a high and consistent drug user after being sent for a drug test after he rolled a scraper for the second time in 2 weeks. He was lucky to escape with his life and lucky not to have killed other workers nearby. Would your system have enabled you to foresee and prevent the danger to life and assets?

We could show you literally hundreds of much worse situations but your business has it's own unique processes which could spark an incident or accident at any time.

We're not saying you should have a Health & Safety system in place, we're saying you're required to by law.

Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (s19) 3c  (Queensland Australia - Most jurisdictions are the same)

Primary duty of care: The provision and maintenance of safe systems of work; 

Court cases of workers suing business owners and companies facing health & safety actions are easy to find online.

You may have created some risk assessments, produced some procedures or have policies in place, but are they sitting, out of sight, in a filing cabinet somewhere? Do your workers have free and ready access to them?

You send a worker to do a job. Great! That's what brings in the revenue. But, if that worker gets hurt and has never set eyes on the safe operating procedure for that task because it's sitting in a filing cabinet, you DON'T have a system that works!

Look, it doesn't matter whether you call it OSHA, WHS, OH&S, EHS or HSE you're putting everything you've worked for, and your mental well-being, at risk if you can't simply and easily prove you did what the law requires.

Below are just some of the health & safety issues that your system is required by law to handle:

  • Alcohol and Drugs Use
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment
  • Audits, Inspections and Management Reviews
  • Contractors Compliance and Insurances
  • First Aid Systems and Equipment
  • Plant & Equipment Safety Management
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Training and Induction
  • Safety Meetings, Attendance and Issue Resolution
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Management
  • Hazard Control

Simple WorkSafe currently has a special limited offer!

We are offering a special LIFETIME ACCESS  (YES, Lifetime Access) to

Simple WorkSafe for just $997 ("One Time" Payment)!

This limited offer is due to end very soon. Due to high demand, we've temporarily extended the current price for a short period, so make sure you act now.

You use a system to manage your Accounting!

Shouldn't your Health & Safety be managed the same way?

Your accounting could cause some headaches if it's not managed correctly, but the failure to properly manage health & safety could cost you much more!

With the limited lifetime licence this will work out cheaper than most accounting software.

"But we have safety and pre-start meetings"...

Most businesses run some type of safety or pre-start meeting...but do you document them? Do you know who attended or what was discussed?

Suggestions from workers regarding health & safety concerns need to be addressed. But are your workers suggestions written on the supervisors note pad and NEVER see the light of day again? YOU as the owner or health & safety manager must be made aware of workers concerns and suggestions. 

Remember; its the people doing the job each day that are aware of issues you as an owner or manager may never be aware of!

We know large companies where workers scribble Take 5's or JSA's on sticky notes or pieces of paper that blow away or are never seen by supervisors.

Why would a worker take the time to assess their work enviroment before commencing work when they know nobody will ever look over it or even know if the worker completed it?

Is any of this sounding familiar?


Are you worried sick that your business could dramatically suffer if an incident occurred at your workplace?

It's too late to concern yourself about making sure your health & safety is up to scratch after an incident hits home.


When a business you know has had a visit from government agencies or a tragic workplace accident hits the media, there's often a mad scramble to throw together procedures or complete risk assessments that aren't relevant to your business. You've downloaded them off the internet thinking you're covered now.


If it's not relevant to YOUR business it will go against you in a court action.

I'm not saying you need to hire extra staff to run your health & safety!

And, I'm not suggesting you spend big $ on consultants. They don't know the unique daily processes of your business.

Just look at some of the CRAZY comments consultants have told our clients:

  • "We only produce three procedures for that monthly fee!"
    You're going to need more than that. 
  • "We only cover (insert city here) area, you're too far away"
    If you don't live in an area they cover, you don't get any help. So what happens if you live 20 km, 50 km or even further away? Are you less special, less needing of an effective health & safety system. Agriculture has the highest fatality rate of any Australian industry and those workplaces are NOT in a city, nor are hundreds of other workplaces.
  • "Where's my procedure for that machine?" one client asked of the consultant "Oh, we're still preparing it, but here's the invoice for $1500 for coming out to see you!"
    This company never did come through with the procedure. The client said they looked like a "deer in the headlights" when asked to produce a safe operating procedure for a packing machine.
  • "For your $995 per month we have lawyers on standby":
    Why would you need lawyers on standby if they're doing the job properly?

Look, the only people who know your business well enough to design a health & safety system are YOU and YOUR WORKERS. Why would you get an outsider to manage your health & safety when everything they do may not withstand the scrutiny of a smart lawyer? 

Top 3 Reasons Why Most Businesses Have Inadequate Health & Safety Systems

They're time consuming!

"I work all day for the business, I don't want to work all night as well."

There are too many Health & Safety requirements to handle! 

"Where do I start?"

It'll never happen to me...

"Accidents...they always seem to happen to others but not to me."

What if it doesn't need to be this hard. What if your health & safety could be easy to manage, wasn't time consuming and covered every component required for a really good system?

We Know How Hard This Can Be...We've been where YOU are...

Safety posters in the staff rooms that no one ever reads, so you change the colours of the posters (surely they'll read the fluro ones)... No that didn't work either. 

Safety meetings, where you need to get information to humans who have the attention span of 8 seconds

At your next safety meeting ask someone to undo a button of their shirt and then do it up again without using their thumbs. 

Surveys have proven participation in the meetings make people more aware.

When was the last time you checked if your workers certification was out of date?  You should have the ability to be reminded of these things, not find out when it's too late. 

You don't need the paper work back at the office, you need it in your hand no matter where you are on the job site (or the world for that matter). Today's world is a digital world, so why shouldn't your health & safety system be at least as well managed as your accounting or your stock control?

Well it CAN be, and we have the SOLUTION!

Special limited offer!

We are offering a special LIFETIME ACCESS  (YES, Lifetime Access) to

Simple WorkSafe for just $997 ("One Time" Payment)!

This limited offer is due to end very soon. Due to high demand, we've temporarily extended the current price for a short period, so make sure you act now.

Introducing: Simple Worksafe

Simple WorkSafe helps you manage your health & safety just like you manage your accounting, with a system that links, synchronises and tracks every aspect of the health & safety process. 

  1. 1
    Simple Worksafe gives you EVERYTHING you need to Evaluate, Plan, Build and Manage your Health & Safety system WITHOUT paper templates.
  2. 2
    Nothing else to purchase:  There are NO added plugins. Everything you require, including UNLIMITED users or workers.
  3. 3
    Secure:  Your data is held on the very secure Microsoft Azure. Lost your mobile?...No worries, pick up any device, login and carry on where you left off.
  4. 4
    Days of setup...NOT required:  The system grows with your business. Set up the requirements as you need them. 

Box is a representation only. Software only available as SaaS. Compatible on all devices 

What's Included in Simple WorkSafe?

Procedure Wizard

Procedures serve two purposes;

1. They're a means of controlling hazards

2. They help maximize quality and production

Write all your SOP's, SWP's, Safety Standards, Emergency Procedures or Operating Procedures EASILY with the Procedure Wizard.

The wizard helps to create RELEVANT, UP TO DATE procedures for YOUR business.

Automatically create labels with QR codes that can be adhered to any plant, equipment, machinery or tool. 

Users can scan the QR code with a phone to view the procedure.


JSA (Job Safety Analysis) Wizard

A Job Safety Analysis (also known as a JSA,  Job Safety & Environmental Analysis,  JHEA, Job Hazard Analysis or JHA). 

Its purpose is to assess a job or task and find any issues or hazards that require attention BEFORE commencing work.

The JSA helps workers identify problems "at the coal face" that other assessments don't identify.

A JSA can be easily generated using Simple WorkSafe and is automatically attached to the job it relates to, the location, the assets and any chemicals used as well as the worker who generated it.

An email is sent to the site safety coordinator who has the option to either authorise or not authorise work to commence.


Take 5 Wizard

A Take 5 is a pre-start checklist used to identify health and safety issues and hazards before starting work on a job.

It should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

It helps workers and contractors, particularly those new to a site, reduce exposure to hazards and identify other issues that may affect safety during the work.

The Take 5 assessment is different from other risk assessments in that it is generated by the individual worker BEFORE he/she commences work and helps find potential hazards with the WHOLE job rather than each job task.

Take 5

Safe Work Method Statement Wizard

In some countries, health & safety laws require a business to submit a statement outlining the method they'll use to carry out a job (especially if it's a high risk one).

This is commonly known as a "SWMS".

Not only does the SWMS Wizard help you write all your method statements BUT you can DUPLICATE them with a click of a button.

NO more rewriting 23 pages again and again. Just duplicate and edit to update. Think of the time saved for this alone.

Have your workers sign off that they have understood the job steps and the safety measures of the SWMS. They can do this from their phones.


But That's Not All You're Going To Get!

You're covered with...

Audit Management

Quickly and easily create an unlimited number of templates and with the click of a button, they're ready to be used to audit virtually anything.

Monitor procedures (to ensure they are being used properly), service and maintenance, emergency equipment (smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, first aid kits), locations (fences & guards), chemicals (SDS, storage), and much more.

A workplace that performs regular audits is better able to monitor systems and identify emerging safety issues before they become problems.

Additionally, it's evidence of your commitment if you ever need to prove it in court.


Hazard Management

No matter how good your health & safety system is, hazards occur, and they'll need to be managed.

Remember its hazards that kill or maim people.

They need to be identified and reported immediately and managed through to elimination or risk reduction.

The powerful, yet simple, Hazard Manager enables a host of attachments like images, videos, audio files and documents such as doctor's reports and insurance details to be attached to a hazard.

The Hazard Manager works fast and can be used from a mobile device.

An alert is automatically sent to the site safety officer or YOU the owner.


Incident Management

Even the most safety conscious business can have an incident occur.

An incident, even a small one, should be recorded and managed.

Accurate information relating to the incident must be kept attached for easy recall, and every possible detail should be documented especially where there is an injury.

A comprehensive injury management system is vital to monitor treatment, doctors reports and injury progress.

Back to work management, investigations, police involvement all need to be managed along with every resource that was affected such as assets, locations, jobs, chemicals or workers.


Training Management

All workers need training!

Training is yet another area that can cause business operators to be vulnerable in a court action.

Many court actions go against an employer because their workers were not trained in a particular task, even though they were qualified, and as a result an accident occurred.

Sometimes the worker WAS trained, but no proof of that training could be offered.

It's imperative that an accurate record is kept of every worker's training, and that there's a sign off on their competency.

Simple WorkSafe tracks every training course needed at your workplace, manages the attendance of that training, makes the training available remotely, such as via a phone or other device, with the use of videos, power points, documents or audio.


Consultation (Meetings Management)

You need your workers to have "Buy-in" to your health & safety system.

Unless you get this buy-in, you'll never make health & safety simple and easy to manage.

Conducting meetings provides a chance to present, and find, any new safety information from BOTH workers and management.

Without safety meetings, workers can be lulled by routines, decreasing their alertness and attention to tasks. Meetings revitalize and refocus.

Meetings are NEVER a waste of time if they achieve the "Buy In" that will return huge savings back to the business owner.



The registers are where you track every resource in your business such as assets (plant, machinery, equipment and tools), chemicals, locations, jobs and workers.

To be really effective and easy to manage a health & safety system needs to have every issue relating to each resource available instantly.

This is one area where paper systems let you down...they don't link or synchronise with ANYTHING!

With Simple WorkSafe you can link, sync and attach every health & safety item to every resource that's affected by it.



To build and maintain a good health and safety system, it’s vital to have policies.

It’s often the lack of policies or the failure to enforce policies that land businesses in a health and safety court action.

The most important policy is the general health & safety policy.

Having a general health and safety policy is the law in some countries.

Upload your own policies or create your own health & safety policy with the Simple WorkSafe policy wizard.


Health & Safety System Planner

Anything worth building needs a goal and a plan!

This is the way of success.

A health & safety system is no different.

A good goal and plan needs a planner to define the goal and design the plan.

Having a plan gets RESULTS...and that's why you're here.

The Simple WorkSafe planner was designed BY business owners FOR business owners to make it simple to plan the perfect system just for YOUR business.


What People Are Saying About Our Solution

  “I know if they haven't completed one before commencing work..."

“My workers are required to complete JSA's and Take 5's. Before Simple Worksafe they were on notepads or pieces of paper and I never saw them. Now, not only can I sign off on them, I know if they haven't completed one before commencing work.

My butts now covered and the guys know I'm serious about our health & safety.

Ben, Construction and Civil Maintenance

Hanging 30 story's from the ground..."

"My workers and I work from gantry's and ropes hanging 30 to 80 story's from the ground. One small error could easily result in the lose of life.
I need to ensure that the processes I use to make a job safe are correctly in place and that I'm able to prove that's the case to inspectors visiting the job site."

Barry, High Rise Window Cleaning Contract

Over a 200 km radius..."

"With up to 100 farm workers to manage over a radius of 200 km my health & safety management would be a nightmare without Simple WorkSafe."

Martyn, Labour Hire Company


" All my operators can scan a QR code to see the SOP for any machine..."

"I manage very large and expensive agricultural machines. I needed a way to ensure the operators understood the systems required to maintain and run the equipment both safely and economically and I needed to be able to prove service and maintenance was current. All my operators can scan a QR code to see the SOP for any machine."

Ashley, Workshop Manager

Grab the special limited offer while it's still available!

Special LIFETIME ACCESS to Simple WorkSafe for a "One Time" payment!

 Simple WorkSafe for just $997 ("One Time" Payment)!

Never pay any more ongoing fees!, FREE Updates, Unlimited Users!

This limited offer is ending very soon. We've extended the current price for a short period, so make sure you act now.

Everything You Need For Your Health & Safety System

If it's required then you've got it.

All in one easy to use management system.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Not convinced? Ask someone who works in claims.

“First thing a Lawyer asks for..."

"I'm involved in many claims and court actions relating to health & safety. I'm constantly surprised at the lack of management in many of these claims and how easily business could save themselves countless costs by being able to prove their health & safety system is up to date and managed properly."

One of the first questions our lawyers ask is, "Show me the training scheduled".

- Claims Manager
Chris & Kerrie Jones

Creators of Simple WorkSafe

About us

We have been building applications for clients for almost 30 years. However, in the last 8-10 years requests to include health & safety management into those applications has dramatically increased. 


Because business owners realise that they need to manage health & safety to a greater level than ever before, not just in the office but from anywhere, at any time and by everyone in the workplace. 

Included at no extra cost

Document and Attachment Manager

Can't find a document, a copy of that licence, or proof of a meeting attendance...we've got you covered.

From Risk Assessments to Injury Reports, there can be hundreds of health and safety related documents in the workplace. They contain vital information about the “what, when, who and how” of workplace safety. Documentation could prove the validity of your system should you ever need to defend it in court.
What if you could manage all documents and files from one place, right from within your health and safety management system?
Now you can when you use Simple WorkSafe.


Unlimited Users

No, we don't charge extra per user!

Allocate and authorise system users to access your health an safety system. User roles will determine what they have access to.

Workers get their own login so they have access to their training, can view procedures, policies and risk assessments. They can report hazards and incidents as well as create JSA's and Take 5's

Supervisor role has full access but can only create worker roles. 

A supervisor can also sign off on JSA's and Take 5's.

Only the owner of the Health & Safety system can delete records or create Supervisor roles.

There is also an Inactive role for when a worker leaves your employment. They cannot access the system but all their health & safety records are permanently preserved.


Reminders On Home Page

Get reminded of every Health & Safety issue due for attention.

Each time you open Simple WorkSafe you'll see a list of items due for attention.

One click can reveal the details of that item.

Important actions will never fall through the cracks again and it'll be even easier to track and manage your Health & Safety system.

NEVER again forget important issues!


Don't wait for an accident!


YOUR Life could change dramatically if you don't get your health & safety components managed. 

It's not just the injured person who suffers, it's their family and dependants. Your family and dependants will suffer also! 

Financial and emotional stress after an incident, along with the ongoing investigation and court actions all take a huge toll.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

The Pros List

  • Create Procedures, Risk Assessments, Audits, JSA's, Take 5's, SWMS, EASILY with the Simple WorkSafe Wizards. No templates to download.
  • Effective health and safety software allows you to be at the heart of your business. You'll always have the information you need even when you're out of town or off the job site. 
  • Scan QR codes with a phone to view procedures for assets, locations, chemicals and jobs. You don't need a login for this facility so volunteers and contractors are easily covered.
  • Track worker and manage training, certifications, injuries, illnesses, and rehabilitation. It’s difficult to keep track of all the details related to employees, contractors, and volunteers without an online Health & safety system in place. With the reminder section you won't miss any important detail. 
  • A workplace that performs regular audits is better able to monitor systems and identify emerging safety issues before they become problems.

The Cons List

  • It's not free, Like any other important component of your business, health and safety software isn’t free. Act now & secure one of the very limited lifetime licence whilst they're available.
  • It still has to be managed. Workers must be made aware they need to complete the jobs as you expect e.g. procedures
  • I don't need all the components. Instead of paying for modules for this and modules for that, we offer the lot. No missing out on a component you may need.
  • Spending time learning the ins and outs of a new program can be frustrating. Yes we understand. With our learn section every component is covered with both a written and a video tutorial.

Everything you get with Simple WorkSafe

Secure lifetime licence today

  • Avoid monthly / yearly fees
  • Never pay for your management system again
  • Unlimited Users
  • Procedure Wizard
  • JSA (Job Safety Analysis) Wizard
  • Take 5 Wizard
  • Hazard Management
  • Safe Work Method Statement Wizard (SWMS)
  • Audit Management
  • Training Management
  • Incident Management
  • Consultation (Meeting Management)
  • ​Register - Assets, Locations, Chemical, Jobs and Workers
  • ​Policies Manager and Health & Safety Policy Creator
  • ​Health & Safety Planner
  • ​Document and Attachment Manager
  • ​Reminders on the Home Page

Remember YOUR business is a ticking time bomb unless 

you have all the legal components covered.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If it's not what you're after within 30 days we'll refund your money. There are no contracts, if you decide later that you don't want to be a member anymore, then we'll happily cancel your account without any penalties or fees. You can even download your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for updates?

Is my data secure?

If I have questions how do I contact you?

Is this lifetime offer really limited?

Do I have to install anything?

Are there any contracts?

P.S.: You’ve already done the hard yards creating your product or service, and now it’s time to jump this last huge hurdle that threatens to turn your business upside down!

If you've made it this far, you’ve already taken a gigantic step forward.

The next step?


And this is the clear line that separates "Doers" from "She'll be right mate!"

Action is the real key to making your health & safety compliant and yet simple to manage!

- Anyone can say "it will never happen to me"

- Anyone can download generic templates and fill them with data that isn't relevant and won't stand up in court.

- Anyone can THINK they have everything under control, but, is that the reality?

The rewards come only to those who actually DO SOMETHING to create change, not just talk about it.

You can elect to grab the solution that's within your reach now, or continue with "Business as Usual".

We think the choice is clear.

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